Mobile Device Friendly

The Mobile Device Functionality of CrossPlastics in now fully integrated & operational. It's like using an App without downloading an actual App. Simply pull up on your phone or mobile device, login, click Sell and start posting items For Sale, it’s that easy! Upon getting to the Image upload section, it will give you the option to SNAP a picture (1MB max per pic) on the spot and upload directly to CrossPlastics or upload an image that already exists on your mobile device. Receive emails directly to you phone anytime there is activity on the items you have posted with

You Snap the pic, we push your Plastic Industry Products.

Snap it

Just snap a picture of the item from any mobile device.

Post it

Upload your photos right to your CrossPlastics account from your mobile device.

Sell it

We do all the heavy lifting by pushing your products in the Plastics Industry.

*Even upload videos of your Plastic Industry Stuff, from any mobile device.

Click here to learn how to add the CrossPlastics Icon to your Mobile Device's home page -